OLAPLEX at VanMarco’s

OLAPLEX at VanMarco’s

Your hair needs a boost, but a fortifying mask does not provide the desired result? Then Olaplex is what you are looking for!

Is your hair dry, fragile, washed-out? Or even in a bad condition, with split ends? Olaplex is the solution for these inconveniences.

Olaplex is able to repair the structure of the hair before, during and after colour treatments. Chemical processes applied to your hair, like colouring, bleaching and thermal treatments like air drying and straightening, will damage the hair. This is the result of internal structures being broken. These structures are called disulfide bonds.

OLAPLEX is the solution

Olaplex will repair the disulfide bonds and create new bonds. Olaplex consists of only one ingredient and no oils or silicons were added. These supplements would only add weight to the hair and slacken it, which is the opposite of what it needs! An extra advantage of an Olaplex treatment is that the effects are permanent.

When a repair treatment is what you really need for your hair, then Olaplex is what you need!

We offer the Olaplex treatment in our salon. Furthermore, we offer products for home use:

  • Hair perfector treatment
  • Bond Maintenance shampoo
  • Bond Maintenance conditioner
  • Bond Smoother leave in treatment en styling creme

An oil will be added to our assortment shortly.

Olaplex can be combined with a keratin treatment.

Give us a call, stop by our salon for more information, or make an appointment online.